Big Wheel real fast food

A Big Wheel Burger is made from the best quality ingredients. We use free range meat that is antibiotic and hormone free, grass fed and ground fresh every morning in-house. Our produce is farm-fresh and our cheese is made from real dairy. We top it all off with a locally made classic burger bun.

Inspired by the classic American cheeseburger, a Big Wheel Burger pairs quality ingredients with fast, friendly service. You’ve had the gourmet burger and one from the fast food giants, now let us take you back to the basics.

Grizzly Bear From the free-range farm to your tray, every step of our process is executed using sustainable techniques. Fast food and sustainability is an uncommon pairing, which makes Big Wheel Burger ahead of the curve.

We are a 95% sustainable restaurant!

We use real milk and ice cream for our shakes and make everything in-house from our veggie burger to our gravy to our salad dressings.

Made fresh daily, perfectly prepared.

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