Year Of The Burger

burger on cook street

2012 was a great year for burgers in Cook Street Village. One of the highlights for us has been to become the first carbon neutral fast food restaurant in Victoria! Maybe even Canada? At any rate, we’re proud to offer quality fast food that doesn’t have a negative impact on our environment. We’re also grateful to be part of a community that supports sustainable businesses, so thank you.

Here’s to another great year of real fast food!

Weekly Contest

big wheel pickup window

We’re running a new weekly contest on our facebook page.  Each Monday we will launch a new contest, with a new prize, it could be a burger, a mikshake, a t-shirt, every week will be different from the previous.

If you do not wish to enter via Facebook, you can simply email us with the subject line “Weekly Contest” and include your name, age, address, and email address and we’ll get your name in the contest. Winners will be selected before every Monday.

Sustainability in an Unexpected Place

big wheel meal with salad

Check out this story about Big Wheel Burger and Sustainability by Heather Boulding of CVV Magazine.

The Daily Grind!

Every morning at Big Wheel we start with “The Grind”. Take a look at this video and learn about what happens before your burger makes it to the grill!

Inside The Big Wheel Kitchen

Ever wonder what goes on inside the Big Wheel kitchen after you order your burger?  Check out this video for your answer!

Egg Lights

Our new state of the art LED bulbs will last 12 years and use a fraction of the energy. We kind of think they look like hard-boiled eggs.


Thanks for Your Support!

big wheel burgerAlmost three months ago, we received a huge outpouring of support and feedback when we initially opened, and we made some changes based on that feedback. Now we feel that we’ve established our identity, and our menu is exactly what we wanted to deliver: that classic American cheeseburger, made from real ingredients, made well, made quickly, and delivered without a negative impact on the environment. We’re proud of our products and we stand behind our menu. Thanks for your support Victoria!


Big Wheel Burger