What the heck is a Trash-Free Customer Area?

It’s a restaurant that composts all customer leftovers, trays and cutlery. Everything you get on your tray at Big Wheel is compostable! Big Wheel has been working with local compost company, Organico, to turn our compost into nutrient rich soil.

Organico guys delivering Big Wheel’s scraps to the Foundation Organics farm near Elk Lake.

Compost breaks down between 50-70 degrees Celsius. The steam these heaps produce is unreal.

From wrappers and half-eaten buns to nutrient rich soil!


Workin’ it out!

It’s been a busy first week at Big Wheel!  We’ve managed to get a bunch of new menu-boards up along the wall where the line-up forms, and we’ll be installing a few more in the coming week detailing all of our sustainability efforts, along with a few more details about our food sources and the philosophy behind what we do.

We’re always open to feedback and have responded to yours about our fries by switching to thick-cut yukon gold fries – we think they’re way better! Be assured that quality and good value is part of our model at Big Wheel Burger.

In the meantime, here are a few photos from the past week, and we’ll be posting more soon!

The view from the line-up area.

The Big Wheel Meal Deal (with new Yukon Gold fries).

good looking burger

A cheeseburger, with green leaf lettuce and some Big Wheel sauce peeking out.

big wheel happy customers

The primary seating area, where you can see the intricate woodwork, classic Eames fibreglass chairs, and custom lights.

The Big Wheel Starts Rolling!

This past Saturday, November 26th, we seved our first burgers to the public!  What started out as a free menu-sampling evening for friends and family, turned into an all-out blitz on the un-tested kitchen staff, as we ended up serving burgers to anyone who came through our bright blue door.  We expected to have enough food to last for 4 hours, but were only able to get through 2 1/2, before the evening’s reserves were tapped.  It was standing room only, with plenty of smiling faces, old and young alike.

The response to the food was fantastic, and as our kitchen staff gets more comfortable in their new space, it’s only going to get better.

big wheel at night

It’s getting dark EARLY these days!

night burgers

Nice and cozy inside.

Lots of friends and family!

kids love burgers!Friends of Big Wheel!

great burgers!

Nom nom!

popinov in burger town

A good view of some of the space’s colours and textures.

Winding down for the night.

Big Wheel build-out underway!

As those of you who frequent the Cook Street Village have more than likely noticed, we’re making some serious progress with our renovation of the former Sun Brite Laundromat space on the corner of Cook and McKenzie Streets. We’ve completed many of the seismic upgrades necessary to bring the building up to current code, and we’re busy rebuilding the wall that faces McKenzie St.  We plan on bringing plenty of light into the space, so expect a bunch of new windows, doors, and a whole lot of fresh paint.

We’re still a few weeks away from serving any burgers, but things are progressing nicely, and we can hardly wait to fire up the grills and start grinding beef!

If you happen to be in the Village, stop by and say hi.  We’d be happy to tell you about what we’re up to.

The Big Wheel Crew hard at work, framing in the kitchen.

Getting ready to start rough-in plumbing and electrical.

Giving the old building a little modern TLC.

This’ll take more than a few coats of paint.

Writer and CBC radio personality, Adrien Sala, checks in on our progress.

Best wishes Alex.

Without the support of Alex Niketas, owner and operator of the Sun Brite Laundromat, we wouldn’t have been able to secure such a fantastic location for Big Wheel Burger.  So it is with our utmost sincerity, that we bid Alex and his family the best wishes for their future.  We would like to recognize his positive contribution to the Cook Street Village community, and the service he provided for its members.  While we will provide a different service and a different environment, we intend to continue Sun Brite’s legacy of bringing people together in the sprit of the village.

Costaki, Tina, and Alex Niketas.Costaki, Tina and Alex Niketas.

Photograph by: Adrian Lam, timescolonist.com

Read more about Alex and Sun Brite at: