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Big Wheel Burger was founded on the idea that FAST food didn’t have to mean JUNK food. This goes for all aspects of the business, from what we serve our customers, to how we run our shops and how we impact the environment and local communities. By taking responsibility for our impact and choices, we strive to offer a classic burger joint experience that doesn’t harm the world or our customers and sets an example for other businesses to follow. Check out some of our sustainability initiatives:


  • Our burgers are made with hormone-free, Angus beef from Prairie Heritage
  • Many products are made in-house, reducing packaging waste and transportation emissions
  • We source locally from Island Farms, Phillips Beer & Island Bakery


  • New appliances are all Energy Star rated and highly efficient
  • We chose energy efficient hand dryers that use 80% less energy than regular dryers and save tonnes of paper towel every year
  • Equipment that draw phantom loads are unplugged at night> Installed motion sensors in washrooms

RESULT: Energy use is 35% lower than an average fast-food restaurant.


  • Our kitchen has an ultra-low-flow dishwashing wand, saving morethan 30,000 litres of water per year
  • Installed air-cooled refrigeration units. When compared to water- cooled units, this saves millions of litres of water every year
  • Chose not to sell bottled water due to high environmental impact

RESULT: Water usage is 70% less than a conventional restaurant

Equipment & Supplies

  • Big Wheel bags, cups, wrappers, cutlery & straws are compostable
  • pH-balanced, biodegradable Soap Exchange cleaning products>We have phased out chlorine bleach and replaced it with a hydrogen peroxide-based alternative
  • We installed refillable hand soap dispensers, cutting waste from disposable cartridges
  • Frylow technology reduces deep fryer oil use by half, saves energy in cooking, and lowers oil content in food

Climate Action

Already a low carbon operation (producing only 67 tonnes of emissions in our first year), Big Wheel Burger is now officially carbon neutral, having chosen to offset their remaining emissions!


  • Wrappers, plates, and food scraps are turned into high-quality soil
  • Our customer area is trash-free!
  • Our kitchen recycles soft plastics, cartons, styrofoam and other items that are typically thrown out
  • Our used fryer oil is converted to biodiesel
  • We hit 91.5% waste diversion in 2012. Our goal is 95% for 2013.

RESULT: Composting reduced our carbon footprint by 74 tonnes.