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This Week's Features

POTATO SKINNY DIPPING | BURGER BATTLE FINALIST!! | Irene's bun, our signature patty, potato wedges, Berryman bacon, green onion, cheddar cheese, sour cream $13 THE LORD OF THE FRIES | fries + Big Wheel sauce + diced onions $6.5 DUSTY ROSE SHAKE | chocolate + vanilla + strawberry $6

Our Approach

Big Wheel Burger provides the best quality burgers, shakes, sodas and fries through local, sustainable and environmentally friendly resources. It's fast food without the guilt trip.

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Devoted to sustainable practices since our doors first opened in 2011, we're proud to be Canada’s first carbon neutral fast food restaurant.

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From the free-range farm to your tray, every step of our process is executed using sustainable techniques. Big Wheel Burger is Canada's first carbon neutral fast food restaurant.

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