We’ve taken inspiration from the classic American cheeseburger and re-created it using quality, fresh ingredients.

You’ve had the gourmet burger and one from the fast food giants, now let Big Wheel Burger take you back to the basics.

We are proudly serving BC Hank’s Grass Fed Beef from Abbotsford:
no added hormones, GMO or steroids and also fed hydroponically grown grass which uses 95% less water!!
Our burgers are brought to you with fast and friendly service. We source locally from Island Farms, Berryman Farms, Hoyne Brewing, Phillips Brewing & Malting Co, Phillips Soda Works & Irene’s Bakery.
Big Wheel Burger is quintessential local eating.

Made Fresh Daily, Perfectly Prepared

Our Approach Goes Beyond Our Menu

By taking responsibility for our impact and choices, we strive to offer a classic burger joint experience that doesn’t harm the environment, our customers, or our communities. We hope this sets an example for other businesses to follow.


Devoted to sustainable practices since our doors first opened in 2011, we're proud to be Canada’s first carbon neutral fast food restaurant.

Learn more about our sustainability initiatives.