What a wild ride it’s been, but we’re proud to announce that the inaugural Big Wheel Burger Battle has come to a very exciting close! From 700 original burger idea submissions to 6 semi finalists to 2 top burgers based on your votes. You came, you ate, you decided and one burger rose to the top taking home the gold!

After a tough fought campaign, we’re proud to announce that Christina Nishimura has taken home the top prize with their ridiculously good Hanoi Hangover burger.

In addition to the $1,000 prize pack, we’re happy to be donating $1000 to the winner’s chosen charity, Easter Seals Canada. $500 from Big Wheel Burger matched by another $500 from the Big Wheel Burger Community Foundation. We will also be donating the same $1000 to the runner up James Walker’s chosen charity, The Canadian Cancer Society!

Thank you to everyone who came out to battle with us.  Whether submitting ideas, voting, or trying burgers, we had such a blast that we’ll be doing this again next year! Get your burger battle ideas ready for next time and you could be taking home top prize!