Big on taste, small on waste.

We are proudly serving BC Hank’s Grass Fed Beef from Abbotsford:
no added hormones, GMO or steroids and also fed hydroponically grown grass which uses 95% less water!!
Grass-fed beef is lean, high in Omega 3 and is naturally rich in nutrients, including Vitamin B, Vitamin E, iron, zinc, and CLA.

This Month's Features

THE BIG ONION BURGER | Hank’s beef beef patty on Irene’s bun with red onion jam, mayo, lettuce tomatoes, pickles, and an onion ring! $2 off every feature burger will be given to the Redfern Commons Garden. This amazing project is envisioned to be South Jubilee’s outdoor community gathering place and ideal spot to reconnect to nature and our food systems $14 DEEP FRIED PICKLES | They are back! 5 spears served with house made buttermilk ranch $8 FRUIT LOOP SHAKE | Every kid's dream $7


From the free-range farm to your tray, every step of our process is executed using sustainable techniques. Big Wheel Burger is Canada's first carbon neutral fast food restaurant.

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