Sustainable food comes from more than just compostable containers and recycling.

Big Wheel Burger was founded on the idea that FAST food didn’t have to mean JUNK food. We’ve put thought into every step, from what we serve our customers, to how we run our shops and how we impact the environment and local communities.

This is how many kg of carbon we've saved since the beginning

Carbon Neutral From the Start

Big Wheel Burger is proud to be Canada’s first carbon neutral fast food restaurant, and has been since we open in 2011. We have been measuring our greenhouse gas emissions with Synergy. What we cannot reduce, we offset with Ostrom Climate Solutions. Their offset projects are third-party verified to ensure that the reductions are real, additional, and permanent. We have achieved the Offsetters Carbon Neutral Company 2022 status by supporting The Great Bear Forest Carbon Project. Along with the climate benefits it provides, it supports the First Nations communities of the Great Bear Rainforest. We’re proud to do business while taking action on climate change.

100% Compostable Packaging

Our customer area is 100% trash free since all of our packaging is completely compostable. Composting keeps our landfills from piling up and prevents unnecessary methane, a greenhouse gas, from being released into our environment.
We divert a minimum of 98% of our waste, recycling soft plastics, cartons, styrofoam and other items that are typically thrown out.
We print your receipt on EcoChit paper (phenol free, 100% recyclable and responsibly sourced paper).
What we cannot reduce, we offset with Ostrom Climate Solutions.

Soil to Feed our FED Garden

All of those wrappers, plates and food scraps are turned into high-quality compost for our FED garden. We partner with Food Eco District (FED), a non-profit organization that works with local restaurants that are committed to reducing their impact on their environment. With their help we have developed a FED Garden!

FED Gardens Growing Edible Plants

The compost created from diverting our restaurants’ waste is turned into high-quality compost for our community gardens. These gardens provide green space, offset carbon emissions and even get used in the kitchen!

Fridges to fryers

Our kitchens are furnished with high-efficiency appliances, from our fridges to our fryers. Not to mention the used oil from our restaurants is converted into biodiesel.

Biodiesel Van

Catch our cargo van running errands all over Victoria, fuelled using our own homemade biodiesel.